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  2008.07.21  16.12
Way better than any television on YouTube


  2008.07.21  16.10
Living forever, eh, who needs it?


  2008.07.15  03.35


  2008.07.15  03.31
That penguin has no pants


  2008.07.15  03.27


  2008.07.14  19.26
Taping myself being taped at the mall


  2008.07.01  14.38
If you do not judge, you are a vegetable


  2008.06.26  23.28
Shanghai Jazz


  2008.06.21  19.38
Streetsheet Vendor


  2008.06.21  17.50
Streetsheet Vendor


  2008.06.21  13.29
Homeland insecurity


  2008.06.21  01.04
Homo sex is a Theat to National Security


  2008.06.18  12.15
Frank Chu has opinions on gay marriage

Local celebrity (?) Frank Chu spouts out about gays, the C.I.A., Gods testicles, and all manner of random crazy blather.


  2008.06.15  09.38

Hugues De La Plaza
Murdered in SF in 6/2/2007
-ONE YEAR LATER, still no crime report
-ONE YEAR LATER, DNA & forensic evidence still not processed
-MONTHS before HUGHES' personal computer, cell phone and e-mail accounts searched
-Witnesses and contacts neglected, too
-FRENCH POLICE have stepped in to do what SFPD refused to do

253 MURDERS IN SF from 2004 to 2006.
Only ONE conviction



  2008.05.19  10.21


  2008.05.12  04.11


  2006.09.12  21.41

A very special movie.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Train dodge. Yeah. Dig it.

Thursday 9/14/06 at 8 PM

Melt Cafe in San Francisco

700 Columbus Ave.

(across from the Washington Square playground)

admission is FREE, but a donation in the form of a food purchase is what allows us to show these movies. thanx

your host,

Jesse Mills

Sept. 21 "Explorers" (Phoenix, Hawke)
Sept. 28 "The Goonies"


  2006.08.28  16.48

Thursday, August 31st, 8 PM
Cafe Melt, 700 Columbus Ave.
(Across from the Washington Square playground)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Admission is FREE
but please! tell your friends, buy some food, help support free, rarely seen classics in San Francisco

More great flicks to come... Hopefully.


  2005.12.24  18.23

Hi i used to live homeless on the haight ashbury and am looking for friends from san fransisco to update me on the haight scence


  2005.10.23  09.08

does anybody knows any party is going on halloween? thanxxx


  2005.07.27  14.31


I need help with finding a store...there are two of them on haight, and it's a really "punk" store. nothing like hot topic. I went there, and I can't remember the name....can someone help?

Mood: frustrated

  2005.06.23  23.27
WCCIF 2005 - Improvisational dance festival

Presenting the 17th Annual
West Coast Contact Improvisation Festival!
June 30-July 5, 2005
Berkeley, California USA

Bellow you will find a link to the official web site for the West Coast Contact Improvisation Festival which is presented annually by a collective of Contact Improvisation teachers who are dedicated to practicing and teaching this unique form of dance/movement improv. All of the WCCIF teachers are from the Western USA with the exception of selected guest teachers from other regions throughout the world.

The teachers and organizers of the 2005 West Coast Contact Improvisation Festival extend you a warm welcome.


Also, for more info about SF Bay Area contact improvisation events please visit sfba_ci

Happy summer!!!

Mood: excited

  2005.03.06  06.00

Once upon a time we were in love and things were good. We lived together and things were nice. Over the years things began to break down. She one day found someone else.
I eventually found myself caring for someone I should hate and supporting her at the same time.

I recently was able to end things and am now starting my life over again.

Unfortunately now, I found out that my first rent check is about to bounce. I am not sure how it happened, but I have only a few days to come up with $150.

Help if you can would be greatly appreciated. I don't normally do this kind of thing, but am not sure what else to do.

Thanks for listening.


  2005.02.05  13.25

I wrote this ( something similar) in a couple groupie and rock n roll communities a while back but havent gotten many responses...

I was wondering if there were any other sites with stories about the old NY LA and especially SF groupies. Speaking of SF groupies I just wanted to put it out there that it really interests me because I live in that area and going to the Haight now is so different then I assume it was back then. Back then I hear stories from adults about all the kids who couldn't get along with their parents who just congregated there and lived there and played music and did drugs and just had this street as their home... I think its pretty interesting because now it is commerical... there is a fing GAP on the haight and the kids are mean and are only there to say that they are there and sell drugs to rip people off.. its not the place to be now but I sure wish it was... I REALLY wish it was! god how cool would that be if our generation could take it back and reclaim it.. any thoughts?


  2005.01.26  00.16

hey I'm Kenzie.. and I love the haight..but I haven't had any psychildelic(sp) experiences.

I love the smell of the oil that hippies put all over themselves to cover up their stench..but how does one spell this oil. petuie oil. ??

Mood: need to crack back.now.

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